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Boboli Gardens No.1 – Florence“ – Digital Art Prints

Travel photo shot taken with an Olympus Sp-350 digital camera in Florence, Italy. The photography was digitally manipulated to get the final image. Artist: Cris Orfescu – Digital Photography, Limited Edition fine art prints (giclee prints), archival inks on canvas, 13in x 17in (33cm x 43cm). All prints are hand-signed and numbered by the artist. Price: US$ 79, USA shipping: US$ 15. For large prints and alternative payment methods call (310) 397-2592 or email to If you order this digital print on a smartphone or a tablet, please scroll down after you hit the ‘Add to Cart’ button until you see the shopping cart on your screen.

Boboli-Gardens-Palazzo-Pitti-Florence-Italy-Travel-PhotographyBoboli Gardens No.1-Florence

Boboli Gardens is a Renaissance park in Florence, Italy.

Boboli Gardens were designed and created for Eleonora di Toledo, the wife of Cosimo I de Medici. They are some of the first formal 16th-century Italian gardens and are located behind the Pitti Palace, the main palace of the Medici family. Boboli Gardens are basically an outdoor museum of garden sculptures that includes Roman antiquities as well as works from the 16th and 17th centuries. The gardens went through several stages of enlargement and restructuring work carried out at different times. The initial plan for Boboli Gardens was drawn by Niccolò Tribolo. After his death, other architects including Giorgio Vasari, Bartolomeo Ammannati, and Bernardo Buontalenti continued his work. The Medici and Lorraine families continued to enlarge and enrich Boboli Gardens in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries.

Boboli Gardens is one of the largest and most elegant Italian style gardens.

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